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Janet Parker
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Executive Director, Medical Whistleblower
Medical Whistleblower

I am a Quaker,  Religious Society of Friends,  and have been very interested in Human Rights for many years.   I originally worked with people within the USA who needed some sort of assistance.  Many of my contacts were through my Quaker women's groups.  I worked for a period of time in Peace Corps in Peru and Jamaica. I have experience in working with disabled persons,  domestic violence victims,  sexual assault victims,  victims of child abuse.   I also worked in a residental treatment center for children with emotional problems doing animal assisted therapy.  I now work with an advocacy group that provides educational materials, emotional and spiritual support for persons who come forward as Defenders of Human Rights and report problems within the medical system such as medical fraud against vulnerable populations, patient abuse and neglect and human rights violations.   Please see my website for information and utilize the links on the left hand side to download the free materials.