Myriam Montrat

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Myriam Montrat
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Director General, Discrimination Prevention Branch
Canadian Human Rights Commission
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Myriam Montrat is Director General of the Discrimination Prevention Branch, and as such, she is responsible for prevention initiatives, employment equity compliance audits, communications and CHRC’s regional offices. Prior to joining the Commission, Myriam Montrat was at Industry Canada, where she was the Director, Service Delivery and Partnerships, Canada Business, and as such was responsible for government service delivery to small and medium enterprises and directed several multi-jurisdictional (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal levels) initiatives requiring the creation of linkages and development of partnerships between the federal government and key stakeholders. Previously, Myriam was Director, Official Languages, Intergovernmental Affairs at the Privy Council Office, where she coordinated and facilitated the management of major horizontal files affecting the whole of government. Prior to her career in the federal government, Myriam worked for the private sector as a consultant on international issues. She is a graduate of the Career Assignment Programme and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University (Montreal) as well as a BA in International Relations from Colby College (Maine).