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Christian Ngendahimana
Fountain-ISOKO for Good Governance and Integrated Development
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My name is Christian NGENDAHIMANA, from Burundi. I am the Executive Director of Fountain – ISOKO. I have a degree in Sociology from LacTanganyika University and Certified as a Peacemaker by the Peace, Healing and Reconciliation Program on term of a Grant in Daystar University in Nairobi-Kenya and by the Coalition for Peace in Africa. Since July 2002 to September 2010, as a Senior Trainer and Program Coordinator, I developed peace and reconciliation programs within Search for Common Ground,  an International Organization aimed to promote Peace and Diologue. In 2006, I co founded the Fountain - ISÖKO for Good Governance and Integrated Development in order to promote human rights in Burundi. Recently, with the support of WPP/IFOR, I attended an annual fellowship programme on Training of Trainers on "Gender Sensitive Active Non Violence/ Exploring Masculinities, Violence and Peacebuilding". I used to conduct community workshops and programmes targetting Boys and Men in order to adopt Positive Masculinity and Gender Sensitive Active non Violence as a way of life. These activities are being implemented through "ISOKO-Network for Boys and Men against Gender Based Violence", one of the Fountain-ISOKO programs in Burundi.