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Carolina López
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Sociologa investigadora
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I am a professional of the social sciences, who likes alternative research to understand the present from past practices. I am finishing my master thesis in social antropology in Guatemala. I have eight years working in an archive doing quantitative and  qualitative research on a program called LaTeX.

My professional goal is to learn other tools (computing, statistics and writing) to apply to social research. I would create a space for new researchers to have other alternatives and show how to use the documents in the archives as an important opportunity to learn about his past and then may be better in the future.

I'm working in a quantitative research with HRDAG using documents of archive in the National Police  Historical Archive -AHPN- in Guatemala since 2006.

I also have one academic article publish online

AFEHC (Asociación para el Fomento de los Estudios Históricos en Centroamérica) 

Carolina López, « La policía nacional y el enemigo interno. Guatemala, 1982 », Boletín AFEHC N°59, publicado el 04 diciembre 2013, disponible en: http://afehc-historia-centroamericana.org/index.php?action=fi_aff&id=3663

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Conversations I have led