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Philip Thigo
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Program Associate, Strategic Partnerships & Alliance Building
Social Development Network (SODNET)
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Originally from Kenya, Philip Thigo, has been part of the team at Foundation El Taller in Tunis for eight years working on strengthening of the role of youth and women in Civil Society, by leveraging free and open source technologies, as a means of empowering communities to proactively engage in the improvement of their quality of life. He has been educated in Kenya & Tunisia majoring on Management of Information Systems, development and frontline activism training at Princeton NJ.

He has worked extensively in Africa, Europe, Arab World, Asia and Latin America on concepts/methodologies that inspire non- violent means for social transformation. Philip quit his active role in Tunis to return to Kenya to co-find the INFONET program which emphasizes on empowering communities to enforce accountability and transparency, especially on budgets, for better service delivery through ICTs. He is actively involved as a communications & technology advisor for Social Watch.

As part of a new generation of activists, he believes that we should reclaim technology within its own logic as a space for transformation and change.

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