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Aleksandra Galonja
Internatoinal Organization for Migrations
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Aleksandra Galonja lives in Belgrade and works at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a gender focal point as well as the IOM Belgrade Counter-Trafficking Unit. Aleksandra has been a women’s movement and anti-war activist in Serbia from 1996. She worked as a coordinator of Women Can Do It programme in Serbia and coordinator of the Group for Women Political Participation and Women’s Human Rights within the Center for Education of the Democratic Party in the Republic of Serbia. She is an experienced trainer for women’s human rights and social justice programmes. She worked as a consultant for peer mediation programmes in GTZ Serbia. Aleksandra is still volunteering for different Serbian NGOs engaged in promotion of anti-discrimination policies and social justice values and the promotion of civic participation and empowerment of civil society in the Republic of Serbia. She is an author of different manuals and articles. The most relevant are: Women and Political Influence, Camping Based on Social Democratic Values, Power Games and ADR Techniques.

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