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Satya Brata Das a leading opinion maker on the Canadian stage. An eminent policy advisor, Das built his first career as an award-winning journalist, an author, and a noted policy analyst. During a quarter century in journalism as writer, editorialist and columnist, Das developed significant expertise in areas as diverse as Canadian fiscal management, patterns and connections of the global economy, energy and trade policy, and the shaping of Canadian identity and values. As a Principal at an influential public policy consultancy, Das advises at senior levels of federal, provincial and municipal governance, the scope includes: governance issues; policy design and development; integrated whole-systems analysis covering political, economic social and cultural aspects; strategic planning; and the shaping and framing of issues to resonate with the values that drive public opinion. Das’s pro bono work focuses on inclusion, diversity, and community building, often viewed through the perspective of human dignity and social cohesion. Das is fluently trilingual in English, French and Oriya. His books include Dispatches from a Borderless World and the best-seller, The Best Country: Why Canada Will Lead the Future.  Awards include: Alberta Human Rights Award, the City of Edmonton Citation Award for lifetime services to human rights and culture. 

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