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Scott Leckie
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Scott A. Leckie is an international human rights lawyer and the Director and Founder of Displacement Solutions (, a global not-for-profit NGO dedicated to resolving cases of forced displacement throughout the world, in particular displacement caused by climate change and conflict. He also founded Oneness World (, a think tank exploring questions of worldcentric political evolution and new forms of global governance. He hosts Jointly Venturing, the world's only podcast dedicated to the question of world citizenship, and manages the One House, One Family initiative, an ongoing project in Bangladesh building homes for climate displaced families.

Over the past three decades he has established several international human rights organizations and institutions assisting refugees and internally displaced persons to recover their original homes and lands. He regularly advises a number of United Nations agencies on housing, land and property rights issues and has worked on these questions in more than 80 countries on all continents with the exception of Antarctica.

He conceived of and was the driving force behind more than 100 international human rights legal and other normative standards, including UN resolutions, and most recently the Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement Within States.

Scott has written 20 books and over 220 articles and reports on issues including land solutions for climate displacement, housing rights, economic, social and cultural rights, forced evictions, the right to housing and property restitution for refugees and internally displaced persons and other human rights themes.

He frequently gives public lectures and has taught and designed several human rights courses in various top-100 universities and law schools around the world, including the world’s first law school course on climate change and displacement which he has taught at the College of Law of the Australian National University, University of Melbourne Law School, Monash Law and Mahidol University.

He is a world citizen, plants at least ten trees a year, travels somewhere monthly, bakes weekly, gardens daily, and is known for his unusual beach attire. He lives on and is entirely dependent upon planet Earth, just like you.