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Lynn Wilson
SeaTrust Institute
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Dr. Lynn Wilson is founder and CEO of SeaTrust Institute, an environmental scientific research and educational organization based in the Pacific Northwest. She has over 30 years as an author, consultant, and policy analyst, currently serving on the doctoral faculty at Walden University.  


Lynn is SeaTrust Institute’s Head of Delegation for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), working with global health and climate partners through the COP since 2009.  She was Director of the Consortium on Climate Change and Population Health for innovative research on climate change and human health concerns, an IPCC AR5 reviewer and has developed the AWARE(SM) family of environmental and health educational programs for youth, university, country-specific and professional audiences.


She collaborates with global climate and health professionals including WHO, UNISDR, public health professionals, private companies and global partners in Africa, Asia and Europe on capacity building and education for climate and environmental adaptation. She co-chaired the Coalition on Health and the Environment: Climate Change Initiative at UNFCCC meetings to elevate the role of health in the multilateral discussions. Lynn developed and deployed the Halcyon Adaptation ScenarioSM to guide local communities in creating a sustainable future using health as a gauge for resilience development. Other affiliations that link health to climate and environmental change include acting as SeaTrust Institute’s representative in supporting the UN Global Compact and for the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.


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