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Srdja Popovic
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Srdja Popovic is an experienced political party & nonviolent movement leader with excellent skills in leadership, targeted communications, motivation and knowledge transfer. As a student leader, founder of the OTPOR! (Resistance!) movement that finished with Milosevic era, and a proactive member of Democratic Party of Zoran Djindjic, his expertise unites both partisan, and NGO sector skills and knowledge. Since 2003, Srdja Popovic is Executive director of Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, (CANVAS), an international network of trainers and consultants from Serbia, Georgia, South Africa, Ukraine, Lebanon and Philippines, and organization engaged in transfer of knowledge in Nonviolent struggle worldwide. Together with colleagues from CANVAS Popovic has organized and presented CANVAS nonviolent curriculum in more than 25 workshops, 15 conferences and 10 prominent academia institutions. Srdja Popovic is co-author of two books published In Serbia and the US : “Nonviolent struggle – 50 crucial points”, 2006. and “CANVAS core curriculum – comprehensive guide for nonviolent struggle”, 2007. (downloadable in several language versions from, and variety of articles related to nonviolent struggle.

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