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Svitlana Batsyukova
International Organisation for Migration
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I am Ukrainian, received Masters in Public Administration and Certificate in International Development  from the University of Washington, USA. I have over six years of professional experience, two of them I dedicated to the child policies’ development and studies and services provision to children with special needs. For over two years I have been in the sphere of project management, public–private partnership, donor relations and development work. I worked in the UK, US and Ukraine. I am currently a Project Manager and work for Counter-trafficking Program, International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine. My practical as well as analytical experience has shaped my commitment to anti-trafficking policies. I have coordinated and participated in a number of team projects and performed analyses and program evaluation dedicated to trafficking in human beings. Within my job responsibilities, I pilot counter-trafficking initiatives with private sector, oversee prevention activities in the regions, take part in the planning of the capacity building activities and counter-trafficking curriculum development for different stakeholders, prepare reports and monitor project expenditures.


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