Terence Courtney

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Terence Courtney
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Director of Organizing
Organization for Human Rights and Democracy
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For nearly two decades, Terence Courtney has been a social and economic justice organizer; successfully bringing together communities of color to improve their lives.

A founding member of a local coalition of labor unions, students, community, and faith organizations called Atlanta Jobs with Justice (AJwJ), Terence mobilized support for numerous issues.  As a strategist, planner and marshal for national demonstrations, Terence coordinated actions between Civil Rights groups, Labor Unions, and Immigrant Rights organizations.

Terence co-founded the Atlanta Public Sector Alliance (APSA) to address human rights violations In Atlanta by forging alliances between individuals and groups to fight back.

As the Southeastern Regional Organizer for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Terence connected Black Immigrants and Black Americans throughout the South.

Terence continues to fight for social and economic justice now as co-founder of OHRD and Director of Organizing.  He’s a trainer, public speaker, media strategist, and fundraiser.  He’s currently leading the development of cooperative organizing project for OHRD.