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Thelma Young
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Creative New Media Consultant
Storytelling for Social Change
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I am a human rights activist whose work focuses on media strategies for non-profits as well as innovative digital storytelling projects. I spent 7 years with Burma's democractic resistance movement guiding advocacy and communications efforts. Through my years with the movement I worked on a variety of projects from mapping election violations, creating campaign materials, gathering oral histories and organizing international campaigns. Based in New York City, and calling the South Bronx home, I recently received my M.A. in Media Studies from The New School. Whether I’m producing a documentary or leading a social media campaign, I seek to be a media maker who doesn’t simply create pieces that transmit information, but that are also truly transformative for participants and viewers. I want to make innovative new multimedia pieces that share ideas and information, and I also want to make sure that they are effective as well as contribute to the communities they come from.  I also specialize in digital media strategies for campaigns and events as well as long-term planning for non-profits. I have been a consultant for various groups in the U.S. and Asia on how to effectively use a variety of media tools to propel a message. I thrive on training and working with activists and focus on creating engaging workshops focused around collaboration and critical thinking.