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Tracy Baumgardt
Peace Brigades International
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Since 2011, I have served with Peace Brigades International (PBI), an international NGO that promotes non-violence and the protection of human rights defenders. As a human rights field officer in Kathmandu, Neoal (from August 2011-November 2012) and later Nairobi, Kenya (from July 2013-March 2014), I utilized tools such as risk assessments, physical accompaniment and capacity building initiatives to provide support to at-risk members of the human rights community. I also participated in strategic assessments of PBI's organizational tools, deterrance and efficacy in meeting the needs of human rights defenders in Nepal and Kenya. Furthermore, our team strove to create support networks with local authorities, national and international stakeholders and service based NGOs to enhance PBI's work with partner organizations. I am currently a member of PBI Nepal's Project Committee, which provides oversight and strategic visioning for the project.

Prior to my time with PBI, I held the position of Program Coordinator with the Democracy Coalition Project (DCP) a Washington D.C. based NGO that conducted advocacy relating to the advancement of human rights internationally, particularly through United Nations mechanisms and bodies. There I facilitated communication with a variety of actors, including coordinating and building consensus around advocacy strategies with DCP's worldwide Human Rights Council Network (HRC-Net), as well as conducting outreach to high-level governmental stakeholders. I have a Master's degree in Global Public Policy, with a minor in Human Rights, from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

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