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Inoka Priyadarshani
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Team Member
Attitude Skills & Knowledge to Empower
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I am Inoka Priyadarshani, lives in the western province of Sri Lanka. I am a team member of ASKE (Attitude Skills & Knowledge to Empower) which is a newly born small entity. We believe that no human can change their behaviour by solely listening to scholarly individuals. We believe that the change of attitude comes by walking an individual through a structured strategy of practical experience. We are engaged in empowering people through training and coaching. Empowerment is a holistic process in enhancing capacity of an individual or group of people economically, socially, politically and spiritually to be influential in creating a desired change. Training for empowerment is an individualistic approach focused on personal transformation leading to social and / or organisation / community transformation.

I have spcialised in social research skills and peacebuilding & conflict resolution. My I have also participated in the ToT conducted by IFOR/WPP which created an opportunity to look at peacebuilding work in Sri Lanka in a different perspective (using the gender lense).work in the field has been mostly with youth (capacity building in peacebuilding and occupational skills), community members / leaders including both women and men (peacebuilding and conflict resolution) and government officials (good governance and service exellence).

Motto of life: Stand for equality and be the change that I want to see in the world.”