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Vijaya Tripathi
Job Title: 
Program Associate

As Human Rights Program Associate to the Benetech® Human Rights Program, Ms. Tripathi leads Martus outreach and training for human rights groups. She helps support development and use of the Martus software by testing, managing translations, and providing outreach and technical support to users. She also contributes to HRDAG analytic projects through qualitative research, review and assessment of inter-rater reliability (IRR) calculations, and other data processing and evaluation work.

Her recent work has included conducting Martus trainings for Congolese human rights groups in Kinshasa and Goma, a field visit to present data assessment findings to the Network for Human Rights Documentation - Burma, a Martus project partner, and analyzing inter-rater reliability among data coders at the Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsmans' National Police Archive project. In addition, Ms. Tripathi recently held Martus workshops for NGOs from Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, among other countries.

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