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Yeidy Rosa
WRI/ Amnesty International Puerto Rico
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From 2003-2004, I worked with armed youth in Morro do Juramento in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, focusing on nonviolence and peace education. In 2004 I began working on counter recruitment and anti militarism at War Resisters League in New York City, particularly passionate about getting recruiters out of our schools. From 2007-2010, I lived in Ecuador, working on projects focusing on conscientious objection, sexual and reproductive rights, food sovereignty, and working with children and youth affected by armed conflict on the Ecuador-Colombia border. My focus was how to use art, film and photography as activism and educational tools for children and youth surrounded by armed conflict. In 2012-13, I worked with refugees and asylum seekers from Sudan, Gambia, and Syria that are now living in Spain. I have recently returned to Puerto Rico, and am collaborating with Amnesty International Puerto Rico on their sexual and reproductive rights campaign. I hold an MA in Human Rights, which I completed in a joint program between NYU and Columbia University and am currently a PhD candidate at the Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


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