Why is a language underrepresented online?

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more on funding

I'd agree that ultimately you can't just depend on volunteers although they obviously can play an important role. For too long it was impossible to earn a living with Manx so it's an important physiological step for us to remunerate people for their work; moreover, life - family & work commitments - will more often than not get in the way of volunteer projects and they will drag on or fade away from no fault of the enthusiast.

Much of the debate  here illustrates that our local situations are very different and what suits one language  community will not necessarily be appropriate to others. Manx has far better funding than many indigenous languages but in the numbers game it can be slightly depressing for us seeing what the Welsh or Irish are achieving; however, given that the number of people who receive an income or are active volunteers in Manx could comfortably fit into a smallish classroom, there is only so much you can do.

Regardless of what we can realistically achieve however I am slightly cautious that on-line projects offer a golden bullet  to the problems faced by languages such as Manx. For certain they can complement much of the work we do but supporting immersion education, professional adult language provision and providing space in the Island for people to use the language, must always be our priority. On-line material should and must complement these but they are not the answer in themselves. Computer software in itself, isn't the answer to many of the problems faced by languages such as Manx; moreover, given the time and finances involved in producing them in my opinion don't always offer a great return on the investment.


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