Using Theatre for Human Rights Education and Action

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Theater is a mirror.


Theater reflects the attitude of man. Theater is really a good tool to curb abuse. The problem with some abusers is that they are unaware of the harm they  do until they see the replica of their behavior  performed in theater. Some are ignorant of the effect of their abusive nature until they see it on the mirror of theater. Oftentimes, they get to have remorse after such experience.

Still a bit tricky

I think the dialogue has hit an important factor about change. This is because change comes in different ways, although one would like to believe that theatre would have played a part. You know this recognition is profound to some of us in drama for life, because it means we realize that there cannot be an y quick fix solution. There needs to be time, and honoring the fact that change takes time. I think the post mexico slogan (which we embrace) is profound in terms of 'go deeper go longer'. Perhaps, longer time is one way through which we can give testimonies for change. At the moment, the complexity of change is well recognized, and in many of our initiatives, we try to find creative ways through which we can measure change. From 7 to 9 November, there is going to be an Applied Drama and Theatre conference. Dr. Kennedy Chinyowa will actually be addressing this question from Drama for Life perspective. I will surely post something, even if it after the dialogue, from his insights.

Thank you very much


Motho ke motho ka batho

Thank you all

This is to extend gratitude for a wonderful learning opportunity. Thank you all. And good luck in your work.

Motho ke motho ka batho

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Now available: summary of the theatre dialogue!

Hello all, 

Our wonderful intern, Mirja, has created a summary of the theatre dialogue. You can find it here:

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Training possibility

I am sorry I did not get to take part in this dialogue while it was happening due to work commitments however I have enjoyed reading the contributions and feel very involved in this area of work and have worked in a variety of contexts..

Some of you may be interested in this training opportunity Playback Theatre Summer School in New Zealand in March 2009. We have been working for many years exploring the use of playback theatre as a means to create social dialogue in a community. I am happy to send a hard copy if you find it difficult to read on-line.  

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"Theatre for Living" Training | Berlin | June 26 – July 1, 2012

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