How do I tag someone in a comment? And how do I opt out of being tagged?

We’re excited to announce a new feature on our website: the ability to tag members on comments that you add to our conversations!

How do I tag someone?

Now, when you participate in one of our online conversations, you can notify members about your comment by adding their username to the “Members tagged in this comment” field. The tricky part is knowing the member’s username. We’re using an auto-complete field so you can guess and the website will help you find them. Otherwise, visit our list of conversation leaders for the usernames of our most active community members.


Why would I want to tag a member?

Here’s an example of how you might want to use this feature:

I am participating in a New Tactics Online Conversation on Transitional Justice and the topic of well-being and security comes up. I know that Jane Barry, an active New Tactics community member, would be interested in adding a comment so I will add a comment to the discussion and add her New Tactics username to the field titled “Members tagged in this comment”. Once I submit my comment, Jane will receive an email notifying her that she has been tagged in a New Tactics conversation with a link to the specific comment.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up on these New Tactics conversations so being able to notify someone of a specific comment that they might be interested in replying to, is a helpful way to keep the community engaged.

How do I opt out?

If you would prefer to not be tagged in any New Tactics conversations, you can disable this feature anytime by going to ‘My Account’ and uncheck the ‘Allow tagging’ box under ‘Member Tagging’.


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