What is a #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant?

A New Tactics #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant is someone who has committed to participate in New Tactics' #HumanRightsChat via Twitter to share their experience or expertise on a particular conversation topic.

Participating as a #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant is a great opportunity for you to reflect on your own work, share resources and experiences, and learn from peers and allies.

We try to find a diverse group of Featured Participants that represent different perspectives, human rights issues, and geographic regions. We've worked with over 600 conversation leaders from over 70 countries.

Why does New Tactics work with Featured Participants?

Working with Featured Participants ensures that quality content will be shared during #HumanRightsChat, creating more opportunity for meaningful exchange and helping us to meet the goals of each Conversation.

What are the expectations of a Featured Participant?

The expectations for a Featured Participant include:

  • Promote and share the upcoming #HumanRightsChat within their networks
  • Participate in #HumanRightsChat via live or scheduled tweets, commenting with your experience and expertise!

New Tactics is responsible for:

  • Coordinating moderation and questions for #HumanRightsChat, inviting Featured Participants and other participants
  • Promoting #HumanRightsChat via our website, email updates, and our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram pages
  • Training Featured Participants on how to participate in the conversation
  • Collecting feedback on the conversation process and outcomes
  • Writing a summary of the conversation, posting on the #HumanRightsChat page and alerting chat participants

If you are interested in participating in this community as a #HumanRightsChat Featured Participant, contact us.

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