A Story of Success: Campaign to Prevent Domestic Violence against Girls

Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society was founded in 2004 in Basra. (It was officially registered with the Organizations Department according to the Iraqi Civil Society Organizations Law No. 12 of 2012.) Since then Al-Firdaws Society has worked on many programs related to: women’s rights and access to justice, women’s roles in peacebuilding and transitional justice initiatives, domestic and gender-based violence, men’s roles in societal change, capacity building for youth and women to participate in political life, and a program on mental health.

Al-Firdaws Society has also worked with government departments and institutions in Basra Governorate. They have worked to follow-up on government performance and democracy promotion programs through specialized monitoring activities. Al-Firdaws Society works to establish the principles of human rights and democracy. Al-Firdaws Society emphasizes the principles of justice and equality, rejecting all kinds of discrimination and empowering women and youth to participate in politics.

This campaign focuses on the issue of violence against girls in Iraq. The spread of domestic violence, especially against girls, has accelerated in the past five years. The security, social and economic events that Iraq society has experienced has contributed to this increase. The timing of the campaign was favorable given that a draft domestic violence law was being finalized for submission to Parliament for discussion. Al-Firdaws Society added their voice in favor of passing the law.

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