A Story of Success: Young Activists in Thailand Work to Advance Democracy


A group of students at a university in Bangkok are members of the New Democracy Movement, a network of approximately 20 young activists groups across Thailand. They are a completely volunteer organization with a focus on democracy, human rights, justice and equality. A professor introduced them to the New Tactics Strategic Effectiveness Method during monthly non-violence workshops. The students watched videos on the New Tactics website and used activities and tactics downloaded from the site.

As a result, the students realized that although their vision is to advance democracy in Thailand, their first goal is to teach university students about their rights to speak out and protest. They are exploring a number of new tactics to further their cause. One student stated that some of her friends are always getting arrested because they’re not careful about the actions that they take; they use the same tactic- protests- every time. They have now learned that they can use other tactics such as social media campaigns to change people’s minds.

The Strategic Effectiveness Method and other resources on our website can be used to help even the newest or smallest of organizations operating in challenging environments. All steps of the method are clearly explained, and worksheets and videos are available to help facilitate learning. All of the tactics that have been collected are available in a searchable database and many have been translated into multiple languages with more continually added.


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