Using videos to raise awareness of women’s and family protection law against domestic violence


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Enough Violence and Exploitation is a Lebanese organization that fights all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse against women and children. The organization focuses on issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking (women), protecting the children, and giving psychological, social, and legal support to women who are victims of violence.

The Enough Violence and Exploitation organization joined forces with The Lebanese National Alliance, media and civil rights communities to work on legislation which ensures protection of women and families against domestic violence. In 2014, legislation 293 was signed, with the purpose to raise the awareness among Lebanese women and those who suffer from abuse of this legislation and its articles, to know how to seek their rights.

Enough Violence and Exploitation produced help videos about a fictional character named Zalfa. Zalfa is a representation of a Lebanese woman who is a victim of abuse, sexism, violence and injustice. Zalfa asks common questions that could be asked by abused women regarding the legislation of protecting women and families against domestic violence. The videos answer all questions simply, so women will have the awareness of their rights and their legal options, have a knowledge of the protections provided by the law, and to shed lights over legal loopholes that stand as an obstacle in the women’s protection law. The videos are accessible on their YouTube channel and on some Lebanese TV networks as well.

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What we can learn from this tactic: 

Ignorance of legislation could lead to consequences.  Through the videos and awareness campaign, Zalfa provides an opportunity to the viewers to know their rights and how to seek them.