Share resources on persuasion and combating traditional practices

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Share resources on persuasion and combating traditional practices
What resources have you come across in your work that you have found helpful? Resources could include: guides, case studies, tips, video, websites, articles, etc. Share these resources by adding a comment below or replying to existing comments!

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About a resource that shares resources...

For those who are partipating in this dialogue, the Facing Fundamentalisms newsletter, produced by AWID's Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms program, regularly disseminates resources (guides, videos, analysis, articles, etc.).  To give a sense of the kinds of resources, you can have a look at the previous newsletters (first link), and if you want to share any resources relating to how religion, culture or tradition are mobilized to deny women's rights, please get in touch with us:  cf [@]

thanks and all the best of luck to you all!

Saira Zuberi

Coordinator, Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms initiative, Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)


Thank you for these links!

Thank you for these links!

UNICEF and Tostan resources

Thanks, Saira, for sharing these resources!

We would like to share this UNICEF publication focused on Cases Studies in Child Protection from a number of different countries, including our work on FGC and child/forced marriage in Senegal. 

As for our own resources, our monthly newsletter shares stories about the work of our partner communities themselves. For those interested in our Community Empowerment Program, this page of our website outlines the structure our holistic model. Tostan will also be launching a training centre in 2015, in order to share our approach with others.



In addition to the other

In addition to the other excellent materials presented here, we just wanted to add a couple of things. This page on our site discusses our theory of change for ending FGC. We also have a resources map that links news, country pages and academic articles on FGC to geographic locations. In addition, this is an excellent Unicef publication titled, 'Changing a Harmful Social Convention: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting', which explores in a good deal of depth approaches to and understanding of changing social norms.

Amnesty International on FGM/FGC

I would also like to share that Amnesty International has a well-developed campaign against FGM/FGC. Here are some resources that might be helpful:

  1. What is FGM?
  2. Document - What is female genital mutilation?
Guide on programming on VAWG

We would also like to share the DFID How to note on Violence Against Women and Girls produced by the Gender and Development Network, which provides examples of good practice and lessons learned around many issues already discussed. 



Thank you for participating in this conversation!

To all those who participated in this conversation,

This has been such an interesting conversation on how patient, persistent persuasion is being used to combat traditional practices that violate human rights.  I can't thank you enough for creating such a great resource!  I especially want to thank David, Amy, Safeer, Madhu, Vanessa and Victor for helping to lead this discussion.

I hope you found it helpful to reflect on your own experiences and lessons-learned, exchange stories and examples of powerful persuasion. I hope you all are taking away new ideas, resources, perspectives and allies!

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