A Community of Human Rights Practitioners

Welcome to the New Tactics online community. We’re a group of individuals and organizations who are working around the world to promote human rights for all. We come from different backgrounds and focus on different issues. By supporting each other and sharing what we’ve learned, we’ll be more effective in our work. Join us in talking about strategies and tactics to promote human rights around the world.

Below is a list of our New Tactics Conversation Leaders. These community members lead the online conversations by contributing their experiences, advice, challenges and resources.

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rjahnkow's picture
Rick Jahnkow
Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO)
United States
Daniel-CCW's picture
Daniel Lakemacher
Center on Conscience & War
United States
Patrick Center on Conscience and War's picture
Patrick Spahn
Center on Conscience
United States
oburlaca's picture
Oleg Burlaca
mikeferner's picture
mike ferner
Veterans for Peace
United States
L. M. Bogad's picture
Lawrence Bogad
University of California at Davis
United States
Marco Ceglie's picture
Marco Ceglie
Billionaires For Wealthcare
United States
James Fehon's picture
James Fehon
Amnesty International Australia
Kathleen's picture
Kathleen Cameron
Art Action Union - Creative Activism
srdja popovic's picture
Srdja Popovic
Juan Ravell's picture
Juan Ravell
El Chigüire Bipolar
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
anolan's picture
Aoife Nolan
School of Law, Queen's University Belfast
Northern Ireland [United Kingdom]
eommar's picture
Ibrahim Elghazawi
Humphrey Fellowship Program in Human Rights, Minnesota
helena's picture
Helena Hofbauer
International Budget Partnership
Petronella Murowe's picture
Petronella Murowe
South Africa
Humphrey Otieno's picture
Humphrey Oduor
Dede's picture
Edewede (Dede) Kadiri
Development Initiatives Network
djohn1976's picture
Denny John
University of Auckland
Pel Advocates's picture
Alfred H. Wreh
Partners For the Promotion of Girls Education in Liberia
Mario26's picture
Mario Claasen
South Africa
Tara's picture
Tara Collins
patrickstawski's picture
Patrick Stawski
Duke University Libraries - The Archive for Human Rights
United States
Sofia.Espinosa's picture
Sofia Espinosa
Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional
drothenberg's picture
Daniel Rothenberg
International Human Rights Law Institute
United States
vijayat's picture
Vijaya Tripathi
nathanfreitas's picture
Nathan Freitas
Open Ideals, Tibet Action Institute, The Guardian Project
Jorge.Villagran's picture
Jorge Villagrán
Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional
Seth's picture
Seth Shaw
Duke University Archives
United States
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Megan Price