A Community of Human Rights Practitioners

Welcome to the New Tactics online community. We’re a group of individuals and organizations who are working around the world to promote human rights for all. We come from different backgrounds and focus on different issues. By supporting each other and sharing what we’ve learned, we’ll be more effective in our work. Join us in talking about strategies and tactics to promote human rights around the world.

Below is a list of our New Tactics Conversation Leaders. These community members lead the online conversations by contributing their experiences, advice, challenges and resources.

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aabusrour's picture
Abdelfattah Abusrour
Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center
aaavellano's picture
Amy Avellano
Child Protection Unit-Philippine General Hospital
Adeyemi's picture
Yemi Oshodi
World Hope International
United States
frmichaelssm's picture
Michael Lapsley
Institute for Healing of Memories
South Africa
dwshriver's picture
Donald Shriver
Union Theological Seminary, New York
United States
Kaethe Weingarten's picture
Kaethe Weingarten
Cambridge Health Alliance
United States
World Hope South Africa's picture
Elske Reyneke-Barnard
World Hope International
South Africa
Glenda's picture
Glenda Wildschut
Leadership Support and Development Centre
South Africa
abigailbooth's picture
Abigail Booth
Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Evclennon's picture
Evelyn Lennon
The Center for Victims of Torture/Episcopal Diocese of MN
United States
mszviman's picture
Zvi Bekerman
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Alice Nderitu's picture
Alice Nderitu
Fahamu networks for Social Justice
Svitlana's picture
Svitlana Batsyukova
International Organisation for Migration
Mariam's picture
Mariam Khokhar
International Organization for Migration
South Africa
elizabethsussekind's picture
Elizabeth Sussekind
Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Puc-Rio
Beatriz's picture
Beatriz Menanteau
The Advocates for Human Rights
United States
IOM Chisinau's picture
Elina Saaristo and Blaec Kalwe
IOM Moldova
Moldova, Republic of
Catalina Q's picture
Catalina Quintero
Victoria Kuhr
United Kingdom
KristinWiebe's picture
Kristin Wiebe
World Hope International
United States
chabdai's picture
Tania DoCarmo
Chab Dai Coalition
United States
Mia Immelback's picture
Mia Immelback
International Organization ofr Migration
South Africa
Saska's picture
Aleksandra Galonja
Internatoinal Organization for Migrations
Susan le Roux's picture
Susan le Roux
International Organization for Migration
South Africa
Dr. Glenn Miles's picture
Dr. Glenn Miles
United Kingdom
Jovana's picture
Jovana Mihajlovic
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
mellingen's picture
Mary Ellingen
The Advocates for Human Rights
United States
mc_ellison's picture
Mary Ellison
The Advocates for Human Rights
United States
save childhoof's picture
Bhuwan Ribhu
Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Save the Childhood Movement
Eka Siradze-Delaunay's picture
Ecaterine Siradze-Delaunay
International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy - ISFED