A Community of Human Rights Practitioners

Welcome to the New Tactics online community. We’re a group of individuals and organizations who are working around the world to promote human rights for all. We come from different backgrounds and focus on different issues. By supporting each other and sharing what we’ve learned, we’ll be more effective in our work. Join us in talking about strategies and tactics to promote human rights around the world.

Below is a list of our New Tactics Conversation Leaders. These community members lead the online conversations by contributing their experiences, advice, challenges and resources.

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Jeremie's picture
Jeremie Gilbert
University of East London
United Kingdom
Yogeswaran Subramaniam's picture
Yogeswaran Subramaniam
Lucy Claridge's picture
Lucy Claridge
Minority Rights Group International
United Kingdom
Amazon Miller's picture
Andrew E. Miller
Amazon Watch
United States
cbaquero's picture
Carlos Baquero
Sara Federlein-WITNESS's picture
Sara Federlein
United States
mohamedazmy's picture
محمد عزمي
مركز حدود للدعم والاستشارات
NPalasz's picture
Nicole Palasz
Institute of World Affairs
United States
rachelweidinger's picture
Rachel Weidinger
Derecho Lab
United States
adrielhampton's picture
Adriel Hampton
The Adriel Hampton Group Ltd.
United States
julienburns's picture
Julien Daniel Burns
Fission Strategy
United States
Saira R. Khan's picture
Saira R. Khan
Lutz Oette's picture
Lutz Oette
SOAS, University of London
United Kingdom
Mandira Sharma's picture
Mandira Sharma
Cferstman's picture
Carla Ferstman
United Kingdom
Jason's picture
Jason MacLeod
the Change Agency
Panther's picture
Peter Kiama
Independent Medico-Legal Unit
dmurray's picture
Daragh Murray
School of Law & Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
HumRtsMarie's picture
Marie Soueid
Center for Victims of Torture
United States
Steffen dignity's picture
Steffen Jensen
Dignity-Danish Institute Against Torture
Lenin Raghuvanshi's picture
Lenin Raghuvanshi
Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights(PVCHR)
Toby Kelly's picture
Toby Kelly
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Ahmed Shaheed's picture
Ahmed Shaheed
School of Law and Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
United Kingdom
Joanne.prudhomme's picture
Jo-Anne Prudhomme
DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture
Norah.Niland's picture
Norah Niland
CCDP, Graduate Institute, Independent Consultant
Jethomps's picture
Jeff Thompson MD
Alex Macmillan's picture
Alex Macmillan
OraTaiao: NZ Climate & Health Council
New Zealand
daniel_zavala's picture
Daniel Zavala-Araiza
Environmental Defense Fund
Rico's picture
Rico Euripidou
groundWork, Friends of the Earth South Africa
South Africa
khuffling's picture
Katie Huffling
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
United States