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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 to Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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New Tactics was pleased to partner on this dialogue with the PDHRE, People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning, which serves as facilitators of developing human rights cities around the world. The dialogue below shares how local civil society leaders, members of PDHRE network, facilitate the learning about human rights as a way of life for communities to generate innovative and exciting actions towards social and economic transformation.

The New Tactics Dialogue “Building Human Rights Cities” began with discussion about the role of the media in building human rights cities.  Participants discussed the importance of engaging and informing journalists about their role in human rights learning and providing them with tools to better understand, inform and promote human rights learning. A number of other ways in which media has been utilized for human rights learning and promoting the establishment of Human Rights Cities included:

The participants shared the importance and benefits of establishing a Human Rights City and provided insights on the intial steps they have found useful.  Contributors considered the first phase, the Needs Assessment, to be extremely important. This phase includes engaging the local communities and reaching out to other Non-governmental organizations in the area and to best achieve a thorough needs assessement along with building community investment. 

The dialogue also shared how several human rights cities are using participatory budgeting as a tool to move their objectives forward. The participants laid out obstacles, such as convincing the government to engage, and opportunities, such as empowering women in new ways, along with other experiences highlighting the significant benefits of using this tactic. 

Dialogue participants shared their personal stories of being involved in creating space for human rights learning. A participant told the story of coordinating the Human Rights City of Edmonton, Canada and a toolkit they will be making available to those interested in building a human rights city based on their model. There were a number of other excellent resources highlighted during the dialogue including the following:  Human Rights Cities: Civic Engagement for Societal Development,  the Human Rights City Needs Assesment, Journalists for Human Rights website, as well as the NewTactics' Resource for Practitioners.

Finally, the dialogue concluded with a wide variety of possible practices to encourage other cities to build a Human Rights City. Human Rights cities can have many benefits such as engaging in such actions as election monitoring, theater and human rights prizes.  Participants discussed the need to overcome short-term setbacks and keep focused on long term goals when advancing human rights learning and building a Human Rights City. Finally, PDHRE, People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning reached out at the end of the dialogue and asked for partners who would be interested in working together to advance human rights learning through the building of Human Rights Cities throughout the world.

Conversation Leaders

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Dr. Joy Fraser
Athabasca University
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Raymond Atuguba
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Jean-Louis Ikambana
American Friends Service Committee-DC
akafeera's picture
Renee Vaugeois
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights and Ainembabazi Children's Project
Shula Koenig's picture
Shulamith Koenig
PDHRE,People's Movment for Human Rights Learnring
Viviana's picture
Viviana Della Siega
Institute of Gender, Law and Development
kmodrowski's picture
Kathleen Modrowski
PDHRE, Peoples Movement for Human Rights Learning
Satya's picture
Satya Das
Cambridge Strategies Inc.
Emiliano Casal's picture
Emiliano Casal
benedek's picture
Wolfgang Benedek
European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) Graz
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Carlos Alberto Soares
Porto Alegre ComCoord - PDHRE
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Madrid Matus
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Fabien Kanyangusho Karamira
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Susana Chiarotti
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